The Prime Fleets

This section contains new rules and units for Hive Fleet Dominion and the other Prime Fleets, including rules on how to upgrade your own custom Hive Fleet into a fearsome Prime Fleet of its own. These rules are good for narrative games of Warhammer 40,000. You must already own a copy of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules as well as a copy of Codex: Tyranids in order to make use of these rules.


Prime Fleet Detachment

This new detachment reflects the observed organization of the deadly prime Tyranid fleets discovered by Vasl Ikarus’s Mechanicum Explorators. They follow all the Detachment rules found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.


All units chosen for the Prime Fleet Detachment must have the Tyranids Faction.

Command Benefits

Eclipse of the Warp: The Prime Hive Fleets create a distortion in the Warp even greater than that of the fleets that have come before.

Eclipse of the Warp replaces the Shadow in the Warp rule for any Tyranid chosen as part of this detachment. Any non-Tyranid psyker unit within 12″ of a unit with Eclipse of the Warp can only use a number of dice equal to one plus the Warp Charge of the psychic power that is being cast.

In addition, units with Eclipse of the Warp do not suffer from Perils of the Warp for any reason.

Children of the Hive Mind: The Prime Hive Fleets have a much stronger synaptic connection to the Hive Mind, preventing interference from Warp based entities.

Children of the Hive Mind replaces the Psyker special rule for any Tyranid chosen as a part of this detachment. Treat creatures with the Children of the Hive Mind rule as if they had the Psyker special rule, with one exception. If a Warp Storm table result or psychic ability specifically targets units with the Psyker special rule, ignore those effects.

1 HQ
3 Troops
2 HQ
5 Troops
4 Elites
2 Fast Attack
4 Heavy Support
1 Lords of War