The Rules

How to Use These Rules


The beasts of Hive Fleet Dominion are about to plunge into the Imperium, and only the warnings of Explorator Fleet Ikarus can bring the Imperium’s attention towards this descending threat. This part of the site allows you to create these upcoming battles in your own games of Warhammer 40,000.

The rules are divided into various sections:

Missions: Exciting new narrative missions based upon some of the first encounters by the Explorator Fleet and the Imperium with Hive Fleet Dominion and the other Prime Fleets. These will be posted as they are created, and will be refined as they are tested and rebalanced.

The Prime Fleets: Additional and replacement rules that allow Tyranid players to represent the Prime Fleets of the Tyranid invasion. These fleets are larger and stronger than anything the Imperium has encountered previously, and the rules describe adjustments that can be made to represent this stronger enemy.

Forces of the Dominion: New Tyranid units exclusive to Hive Fleet Dominion and the other Prime Fleets, for use in your narrative games of Warhammer 40,000.

In addition to the rules posted to this site, a downloadable PDF will be made available to make it easier to bring the custom units presented here to your games. This will be posted in the Downloads section and updated accordingly.


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