Site Redesigned

It has almost been a year since my last update to this site. Hobby and work together have steered me away from completing Hive Fleet Dominion’s site as I originally envisioned it. However, I’m now determined to launch this site before the end of this year, regardless of content (or lack thereof). A friend wisely suggested that I just go ahead and put it up and allow readers to follow the progress and growth of both this site and the projects contained herein.

I felt it was a good suggestion.

As stated above, I intend to officially launch this site before 2015 hits us. I believe this can be done. In fact, I believe that there’s a chance that I can get it launched by mid December, but we’ll see how well that goes, won’t we?

For now, if you’ve stumbled across this page early, please bear with me. It’ll be more active soon enough.

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