"To chronicle the darkest depths of the unknown cosmos; to reach further into the darkness of our galaxy than any other; that is our charter."

"These creatures are unlike any that we have seen before, a race of creatures capable of spawning in near infinite numbers. Imagine the secrets their biology holds!"

"We must bring warning to our brethren. They must know the truth of what is to come."

-Excepts from the vox archives of Archmagos Biologis
Explorator Vasl Ikarus, Master of the Ikarus Fleet

Badab Campaign 2015

We’re just about two weeks away from the beginning of the local interpretation of the Badab War. This campaign promises to be one of the most complex campaigns that the LouisvilleWargaming.com group has ever done, so it’ll definitely be an experience to remember. I’ll be participating in support of the Secessionists, using my Horus Heresy […]